Mother Study

mother study

For this mother study, we are currently recruiting:

  • Mothers who have a son or daughter with fragile X syndrome
  • Women who are fragile X carriers (i.e., carriers of the FMR1 premutation)
  • Mothers who have a son or daughter with autism spectrum disorder
  • Mothers who have typically developing sons or daughters

Participants are compensated $50 for their time. Please contact Dr. Jessie Klusek  by email or by phone at (803) 777-5049 if you have any questions or are interested in participating in this mother study.

Participation in the mother study takes about 3 hours. It involves completing some interviews and questionnaires.

This mother study focuses on understanding the range of experiences, thoughts and preferences, and communication styles that families with and without children with disabilities experience. We hope our results will help us learn the best ways to support families who have children affected by developmental disorders such as autism and fragile X syndrome.

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