Our Purpose

Dr. Roberts working with an infant in the study

The primary aim of the USC Neurodevelopmental Disorders Lab is to conduct high-quality research with young children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders and their families to increase our understanding of factors that affect development within a family systems approach. We conduct our work in collaboration with colleagues at the University of South Carolina and at other institutions in the state and across the country.

We are interested in looking at multiple aspects of children’s development including attention, memory, language, social interactions, physiological responsivity, and behavior regulation. Additionally, we examine factors including adaptation and well-being in the parents of the children we work with to understand how family experiences affect young children. Our lab is family-friendly in terms of scheduling assessments around the preferences of each family, and we provide a brief written report of the child’s performance after each visit. For the infant study, we conduct most assessments in the family’s home in a friendly and supportive manner that allows young children and their families to feel comfortable.

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