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Infant Grant from NIH approved for Extension!

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In 2011, Dr. Roberts was the recipient of a five year NIH R01 grant entitled “Emergence and Stability of Autism in Fragile X Syndrome.”  In this study, Dr. Roberts and her team analyzed the behavior of infants who were at high risk for developing autism. She has now been awarded 3.1 million dollars from NIH to follow-up of these infants and track their development into their preschool years!  With this new award, the team at the Neurodevelopmental Lab will be able to follow the development of the infants from 9 months-of-age to 5 years-of-age and identify which features during infancy were predictive of  developmental delays in the infants at high risk for developmental impairments.  This information will then be translated to efforts targeting early identification and treatment.

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