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Jessi Scherr Interning

Jessi Scherr Interning at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

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Jessi Scherr got selected to complete her doctoral internship at a top APA accredited internship site at Nationwide Children’s Hospital with an emphasis in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  She is looking forward to continuing her clinical training in assessment and intervention with children and families that are influenced by developmental disabilities, as well as gaining experience with clinical research.

fragile x families in charlotte

Fragile X Families in Charlotte

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Do you have a child with fragile X syndrome or the fragile X premutation? We are currently recruiting fragile X families in Charlotte, NC and it’s surrounding areas to participate in our research studies! We are also recruiting women who are carriers of the fragile X premutation who do not have children.

The goal of our studies is to learn about behavioral and language profiles associated with fragile X and the fragile X premutation.

  • Participation generally takes about 3 hours.
  • Participants may be asked to complete some interviews and tasks that involve words, sentences, and puzzles, depending on the participant’s age and ability level.
  • Each participant is compensated for their time and travel.
  • We can schedule the assessment at a time that is convenient for you, including weekends.

Want to learn more? Contact Jessica Klusek at or (803) 777-5676.

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